Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ultra Review - Abramis Brama

 ABRAMIS BRAMA: Enkel Biljett
ABRAMIS BRAMA: Swedish for Rock Stars

            (I made that up – really don’t know what the band’s name means.)  My introduction to Abramis Brama was through the “Smakar Sӧndag” (tastes like Sunday) album.  After the initial distraction of “they’re singing in Swedish…sounds funny”, I realized I was listening to aggressive, awesome rock.  This is guitar driven rock with insanely tight bass and drums.  The band covers so much ground musically while simply tearing it up at all times.  When nobody is around you can catch me singing words I don’t understand when Smakar Sӧndag is playing – the tunes are totally catchy.  Abramis Brama had an impressive discography before this as it turns out, including a couple of albums recorded in English.  While all the band’s older material is of high quality, it seems that Abramis Brama is like a fine wine, improving with age.  2014’s “Enkel Biljett” (one-way ticket) is finally out, and does not disappoint.  It gives you some of what you expected to hear after the last album, while continuing to expand the band’s repertoire of rock ideas and sounds.  Check out the title track and see what a classic bass sound Dennis has, and how synchronized P-O and Fredrik are on guitar and drums.  There are eight other tunes on the album, each offering something the previous one did not.  If there were rock music Olympics, Sweden would have the highest medal count, and Abramis Brama might be the band that would make it onto your box of Wheaties.  If there’s a tune you don’t like on this album, I’d encourage you to listen to it again. 
Check out
“Enkel Biljett”
Abramis Brama is:

Dennis Berg: Bass
P-O Andersson: Guitar
Ulf Torkelsson: Vocals
Fredrik Liefendahl: Drums

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