Wednesday, June 18, 2014

**NEW COLUMN**Opinion-(H)ated

The curtains open and a man enters my office dressed from head to toe in a full luchador outfit. He's carrying an old school boom box and a corn cob impaled on a stick. He announces with great vibrato that his name is TIJUANA BOB and as he walks towards my desk he proclaims:
"I've come here to do TWO things...
1. Finish this ragged piece of corn on the cob.
2. Drop the big leg on Heavy Metal."
(...finishes corn...drops cob on my rug)

"& I am all out of corn!"
My office will never be the same.

Quite an introduction. He assures me that he knows what he's talking about. So I offer him a space on this site which he graciously accepts and proceeds to pull out another piece of corn on a stick from the back pocket of his "stretchy pants"...this guy is a riot.

Beginning next week, we introduce off the wall and opinionated Metal commentary from what he calls "Parts Unknown". 

Hopefully, he'll return my "Winger" rug he just snagged on the way out.

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