Thursday, June 26, 2014

"ME"TAL 101 with Standup Comic Brian Beaudoin

  Over the years I've noticed that comedy and heavy metal have a lot in common. Great acts can mesmerize with the stories they tell either in song or joke. Both perform in front of audiences looking for the momentary escape from the mundane routine of the daily grind. Like a great riff, a punchline can tear the roof off a packed house and like a sour note, the crowd can come to a hush on a mistimed one liner.
  Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to see some of the best of both worlds. For me seeing Dave Chappelle in a small venue in Northampton Mass is right up there with the first time I saw Metallica or Slayer in a huge stadium. 
  Earlier this year, I found myself at the Comedy Connection in East Providence, RI. Former WWE star and NY Times Best Seller, Mick Foley was the headlining performer. The night was full of fun story telling but what really stood out was the opening performance by Brian Beaudoin. In front of a packed crowd of rowdy wrestling fans, Mr. Beaudoin absolutely "killed" it. Brian fearlessly cut up the room of  "pencil neck geeks" and left many folks holding their sides with his brand of "stoner comedy".
  So it's no wonder, that this week's "ME"TAL 101 guest is the man himself, Brian Beaudoin. A stand up comedian who's toured all over the states and is one of the best young comics in the country. It was a privelege to pick his brain about his craft and get his honest thoughts on the latest trend in comedy podcasting. Enjoy and follow the links below our interview to find out more about Brian and when he'll be on stage in your neck of the woods.

HMT: Brian, you're into all sorts of music. Mick Foley has Tori Amos, what's the one band or song you listen to before you hit the stage?
BB: It ranges and varies a lot depending on my mood and who I'm with, but if I had to pick one ..NOTORIOUS BIG... Nothing gets me ready to perform quite like Biggie

HMT: You've opened for guys like Steve O and Mick Foley who do more of a joke and story telling style? How do you feel about the spoken word guys(Henry Rollins, Scott Ian, Corey Taylor)?
BB: It's definitely different, and does belong in a stand up setting, but do I consider it traditional stand up comedy? Not really, Not in a sense that these guys are going around finding jokes in everyday life to perform and use to crush an audience for an hour, I look at it more of a one man play than anything else, some parts are sad, some hilarious. I don't hate it, I do enjoy it, it's a different style and it does compliment stand up very well, so I think it's a good thing all around.

HMT: Podcasts seem to have opened a lot of doors for veteran comics like Marc Maron and Joe Rogan. Do you think its created more opportunities for younger guys like yourself?

BB: No, I hate this new podcast movement that's going on, I've seen guys try to use it like a get rich quick scheme, Any schmuck with a recorder can have a podcast... Shit even I had my own podcast for a while ( talking in circles ) .. I mean it does help with on air skills, but providing opportunity, NO. It's a wet dream and comics should get opportunity by what they do on stage and not because they talk into a computer so 30 people can download it.

HMT: You're a comic from Rhode Island but you are not a Rhode Island comic. You're stand up is not the stereotypical one liners involving the word quahog or the name "Buddy Cianci". What's the worst Rhode Island joke you've ever heard?

BB: I've heard so many terrible terrible Rhode Island jokes the thought of it alone makes me sick.

HMT: Cheech or Chong? 

HMT: Metal music like comedy gets broken down into genres all of the time. If someone appointed you ambassador of comedy and allowed you to come with a new genre nobody has come up with, what would it be?

BB:  I don't know man.... I'm too high and that questions way to intense to think about.
"I'm too high"

HMT: I love Family Guy, I hate Seth McFarlane. Two part question. What do we have to do make Brian Beaudoin the guy America first thinks of when we hear Rhode Island and comedy? Do you have access to a talking dog?
BB: All dogs talk when you're high, and as long as people come out to shows, watch videos, and continue to support and follow me on my comedy journey that's more than I could ever ask for.

Some notable Brian Beaudoin accolades

* ABC’s ….Body of Proof

* N.E.S.N’s 1st and Goals

* Comcast Cable on demand

* Winner of the 2011 Jokers Wild Next Biggest Thing Competition

* Voted Rhode Island’s BEST COMIC OF 2010—Through the Providence Phoenix Readers Poll

* Winner of the 2010 Rhode Island Comic Throwdown

* Voted Rhode Island’s BEST COMIC OF 2009–Through the Providence Phoenix Readers Poll

Check out Brian's Social Network links for videos and comedy dates

Twitter: @BeaudoinBrian
Official Brian Beaudoin Facebook

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