Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HellYeah Blood for Blood Review

Blood for Blood
Hell Yeah

HellYeah has always been a difficult band for me listen to. As a fan of Pantera and Mudvayne my expectations have never been met by this project up until now. Thankfully with band retooling and a more focused attempt, this album has turned my opinion of the band 360 degrees. With the addition of Kyle Sanders(Bloodsimple) and recent departures of Bobzilla formerly of Damageplan and Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tibbett, the band has found new life. This album steers clear of former stereotypes like drinking and partying for partying's sake which had definitely alienated me from listening to this band's previous albums. This is a dark album that touches upon past relationships with friends and band members. "Black December" is a somber tribute to Dimebag Darrell, "if I had a DIME for every tear I've cried".  "Say When" is as fast and heavy as anything these members have done individually in any of their former bands. "Sangre por Sangre", "Demon in the Dirt", "DMF", "Gift" and "Cross to Bier" are full of pissed lyrics, singalong choruses and moshable moments that should satiate the Pantera/Mudvayne fans who like me were on the fence before this album. "Moth" and "Hush" are really great stand alone songs. I mean the songwriting in these two songs alone is more focused than any of the HellYeah material leading up to this. "Feast or Famine" and "Soul Killer" are the least interesting tracks of the album as they don't seem to share the same forward momentum. I would be remiss if I didn't add that this is Vinny Paul's best performance since Pantera and it's a compliment to the overall improvement in musicianship on this album. Blood for Blood defines HellYeah and if you were on the fence now is the time to give these guys a listen.

HellYeah is
Chad Gray - Vocals
Vinny Paul - Drums
Tom Maxwell - Guitars
Kyle Sanders - Bass

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