Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Planet of Zeus: Now With More Ass-Kicking

Planet of Zeus have really outdone themselves on “Vigilante”. “Macho Libre” was a big step up from “Eleven The Hard Way”, and “Vigilante” is perhaps a bigger step up from “Macho Libre.” The band maintains a Clutch-like energy and an emphasis on the riff. Check out “The Great Dandolos” below, and see if it doesn’t remind you of a Clutch tune. Far from being a Clutch rip-off though, Planet of Zeus has created a greater variety of atmospheres on Vigilante than on the first two albums, while maintaining their highly recognizable identity. Every song on this album is catchy, well-written and well-recorded. “Sky High Heels”, “Burn This City Down” and “Tornado” stood out right away for me, but I honestly love this album cover to cover. There are some great Stoner Rock bands in Greece, but my personal “Big Three” are Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus and Lord 13. If you want a guitar-heavy, high energy hard rock album that never lets up, try on Planet of Zeus’ Vigilante for size.

“The Great Dandolos”

Planet of Zeus is:
Serapheim G.: Drums
Babis : Vocals, Guitar
Yog : Guitar
J.V. : Bass

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