Friday, May 30, 2014

Ultra Review - Part 2 - Truckfighters


    The Truckfighters are one of those bands so far where a new album won’t overwhelm you but also won’t disappoint you. Similar to buying a ZZ-Top or an AC/DC album, you know what you are expecting to hear and that’s what you get. That being said, what you get with the Truckfighters is pretty different from everything else out there. They have their own niche in stoner rock. They have taken the classic fuzz sound and taken it to a level that I would call “In Your Face Fuzz.” It’s a very loud, fat and deliberate sound. The songwriting is unique too. Action-packed songs full of twists and turns; a very guitar-dominated sound yet no guitar solos. Not quite like anyone else. There is one tune that seems like a bit of a deviation for the Truckfighters: “Dream Sale” is a bit more melodic and polished than most. This would be the tune getting radio play if radio stations were cool enough to play Truckfighters. There’s a good blend of heaviness and melody throughout the entire album. I’d bet a sandwich that most Truckfighters fans will classify “Universe” as the band’s best release to date. - ULTRA

Check out:
“Mind Control”

Truckfighters are:
Guitar: Niklas ‘Dango’ Källgren
Bass and Vocals: Oskar ‘Ozo’ Cedermalm
Drums: Andre ‘Poncho’ Kvarnström

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