Friday, May 23, 2014

Heavy Metal Moment of Zen - The Tate


Geoff Tate - The Epic Fail of his Post Queensryche Era


HMT's Heavy Metal Moment of Zen is a place where you can kick back and look at the less serious side of the music genre we hold dearest to our hearts. One man is the living, breathing essence of the weird and goofy side of Metal even if he doesn't realize it. His name is Geoff Tate. You may know him as the "Voice of Queensryche"(at least for the next two years then that tag line is officially(legally) expired) This is the vest wearing, top hat sporting, baldy ex singer of a fantastic Metal band who recently was quoted as saying "Heavy Metal has it's limitations". The same dude who punched and spat on his fellow musicians and put together a less than extraordinary group to continue performing the band's music in a mediocre manner.

Well, just when we thought he couldn't top his hilarious wig wearing impression of the Kinks from a few months back. Here comes "Rock and Vaudeville". Someone must have forgotten to tell Mr. Tate that Rock and Vaudeville have as much in common as Vaudeville and marching bands because he's combined all of those elements to create a heaping pile of musical shite(english affectation included).  This video shows Tate "performing" along with marching bands, scantily clad ladies and pontificating about the "history" of rock behind a podium. If this flea market style presentation is any clue on what Tate will be doing during his sabbatical after the last of his final "Voice of Queensryche" performances, I have no concern about finding even more material for Heavy Metal Moment's of Zen in the near future. - grownman

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