Friday, May 30, 2014

Album of the Week! Crowbar's Symmetry in Black

Symmetry in Black
   This is the album Kirk left Down for and I'll give him a ton of credit, it is quite an improvement over their last release. The album is less heavy handed and chock full of groovey riffage. It also moves along at a quicker pace with varied tonality and much more standalone instrumentation. Having more time to focus on Crowbar, Kirk made the best of it with stronger songwriting and attention to the details that make the band sound reinvigorated. 
   The album pushes the boundaries a bit more than their last as well. The outro, "The Piety of Self-Loathing", is a great instrumental that shows the band using a brighter sound without losing any of it's heaviness. Another tune, "Amaranthine", finds Crowbar creating their own "Planet Caravan" moment. Less dirge and more jam definitely makes this album a more enjoyable listen than their last. Old school fans of Crowbar need not worry, this is definitely their signature sound with just a few refinements to keep the sound current. - growman

Standout songs:
"The Taste of Dying" "Symmetry in White" "Amaranthine"

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