Friday, April 25, 2014

Ultra Review - Doctor Smoke


Incoming telegraph:

            Do yourself a favor and download this band’s four track demo.  If you are like me, the quality of this free download will make you crave and need the follow-up album.  Matt Tluchowski’s vocals are reminiscent of Kyle Thomas, from the band Witch.  But the music is far more aggressive than Witch.  When I first listened to this demo, I was impressed by the quality of songwriting and recording.   I was blown away by the guitar sound and the ultra-tasteful soloing.  Guitarist Steve Lehocky will be a well-known name if the first album is as good as this demo.   Their cover of Pentagram’s “Sign of the Wolf” really made me appreciate a tune I had not taken notice of before; in other words, Doctor Smoke recognized a “diamond in the rough” and really nailed it.  All four tunes are equally worthy.  This is stoner rock at its best, and I really can’t wait to see what comes next from this Ohio band. 
                  (PS: if anyone is thinking Asteroid’s tune “Doctor Smoke”, don’t expect that sound from this band.  Two different styles, both great)

Doctor Smoke is:
Matt Tluchowski – Guitar/Vocals
Dave Trikones – Drum
Steve Lehocky – Guitar
Cody Cooke – Bass

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