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"ME"TAL 101 interview w/ NASHGUL

NASHGUL is Grindcore as Fuck

   I stumbled upon Nashgul's latest release OBEY while doing my daily walk thru of the Bandcamp site several weeks back. Once I hit play, I was locked into the sound and I just knew I had to get some words from the band. I've always been a huge fan of grindcore and these guys are excellent practitioners of GRIND muthafuggin CORE. Their latest release throws a nod to one of my favorite Sci Fi cult classic movies, THEY LIVE featuring WWE HOF, Roddy Piper. Grindcore and Pro Wrestling, what's not to love?

   Carrying on in the tradition of Grindcore legends like Nasum and Napalm Death, Nashgul are experts in cutting you deep, hard and fast all within a two minute track. Prepare your tourniquets people, Nashgul is here. 

The following interview was conducted via email with Nashgul's guitarist Hector.

HMT: I found your latest release, OBEY, recently on Bandcamp and I'm completely hooked. The artwork and the song "They Live" are clearly inspired by the cult classic scifi movie "THEY LIVE". Can you tell me a bit how you guys came up with the concept for this album which features a variety of songs from splits and unreleased work?

Nashgul (Hector): "We always have been a band who loved to mix movie themes with our music and artwork. Shitting on every society and politics issue in every record starts to be boring for us, and when you have done it 300 times things are already clear.

Why “They live”? Because it gathers everything, fuck, it reflects perfectly how everything is set up; media manipulation via hypnosis by a oppressive police state. Nowadays people focus their lifes in shopping centers, leisure centers and subnormality.

You must / consume till death / money is your god; and also we choose it because Carpenter is the fucking master. His OST are the icing in the cake for every comeback on Sunday by van after playing!"

HMT: How important is it to the band's branding and identity to have a great inhouse artist, Luis, in the band?

Nashgul (Hector): "Since the beginning, Luis always wanted to be in charge of the artwork stuff of the band. He has been in charge of all our covers unless the 7” Split with japanese World Downfall which was done by Emma Rios and the new 7” Split we have just recorded, which will be shared with Warmaster (Doomentia Records) with cover designed by Daniel Shaw (Insect Warfare, Toxic Holocaust, PLF, …)"

HMT: How did signing with Selfmadegod Records come about?

Nashgul (Hector): "We met Karol in our first European tour in 2006. He was going with another band and met in 2 dates in Germany; one of those dates was really surreal that could give enough stories to make a lysergic movie, promise!! ; as a day of today we joke about that date. I think we have never seen such big concentration of asshole per square meter.

We had some talking about the fact of doing something together but never got real until today with “Obey” and, really, we think it has been a right choice. A cool motherfucker, earnest and who keeps his word; unlike another shitty labels that can go and gent themselves, bunch of leeches.

For sure won’t be the last time we will work together."

HMT: You've been playing around the globe for the past few years including the Maryland Death Fest in 2012. What has been your favorite fest or show? Favorite moment?

Nashgul (Hector): "Probably Maryland Death Fest 2012 and the West Coast tour was our highest career point during all the time we have been together as band. 4 wasters like us that live in a corner of our shitty country, that were able to share stage with bands we grew up with was incredible.

Moments? Too many… we could spend hours talking about that tour, it was motherfucking craziness; but those comeback rides to our mate's house Mike in Baltimore, that I don’t know how we didn’t get shot or the house where we slept last day in New York with a madwoman that in the middle of her living room at midnight started to chop a closet with an axe, for sure we will never forget!

Obscene Extreme Czech, Bloodshed Fest in Netherlands and SWR Barroselas in Portugal are the other 3 big fest we have played, the organizers are mates from years ago; every extreme music fan must go to them NOW!"

HMT: You recently posted some live clips on your facebook page, any chance of a live recording, video or dvd in the future?
Nashgul (Hector): "I have hundreds of video files from tours, shows and more… we could easily release 2 or 3 dvds but really we keep them more as personal memories than to make them available for public use.

The only one time we planned it, it was for our 10th Anniversary show here in a venue in A Coruña. We have the video recorded with 3 or 4 cameras and the PA audio sound. We managed to edited professionally but like I told you, at the end for some or another reason we decided to keep it privately."

HMT: I may be mistaken but I hear a bit of Nasum and Terrorizer influences in your music. Who are your biggest influences? What other movies or books have inspired your music?

Nashgul (Hector):"Same old shit as always: first Napalm Death, first Terrorizer, Repulsion, Disrupt, Warsore, Rise Above, Unholy Grave , Assuck, Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror...... etc… through classisc Heavy metal.

About movies obviously “Escape from New York” might be one of my favourite post-apocalyptic movies together with “Soylent Green”, “Mad Max 1 and 2” (3 is a fucking childish shit) and “The Exterminators of the Year 3000”.

The rest of the band are more into cinema than me. I am more into conspiranoic political documentaries, nuclear weapons and shit like this; kind of "Koyaanisqatsi" with one of the best OST I have never listened to by Philip Glass, "Trinity and Beyond" , "Secret Societies and Illuminati" ......
Lately from modern cinema, a movie I liked was "House of the Devil" (2009); a terror movie like the ones of the old times set up in the 80’s and recorded in 16 mm for giving it that era touch, such a fucking masterpiece! "Hobo with a Shotgun" (2011) was a great and demented discovering tambien and "Beyond the Black Rainbow" (2011), another bloody great OST."

HMT: 2013 was a great year for all genres of Heavy Metal. What can we expect from Nashgul for the year 2014?

Nashgul (Hector): "Next plans are to release our new 7” with Warmaster, working in our new full length, plan our new tour for early 2015, to trundle our new singer Alex as much as possible and since we have the chance… to some tribute bands from our town that believe themselves they are their youth idols we wish them to FUCK OFF !!!"

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