Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grownman's Fast Finds - The Hardcore Edition

Tip your snap back flat visors to the side and throw back your best gangsta' lean. We're going hardcore this week!

Dark Past - Demo
Dark Past practice the art of hardcore with big meaty hooks and pissed off lyrics. They have a groove factor that easily makes my head bob along with the vitriol fueled intensity of a band that gets it done, short and sweet.

Outlier - Seasons
The production on this is really clean and sharp. The songs are written really well and there is a total confidence factor in the music. While I really only get into a few of the new school hardcore bands out there this definitely has found a place on that list. There is a real honesty to the lyrics in the way many of my favorite post hardcore bands have shown throughout the years.

Great Reversals have that 90's hardcore vibe going on. The tone of hammering strings, breakdowns and the shouts make for a recipe of fantastic destruction. If you're having a bad day this will turn that frown sideways into a shit eating grin.

Talk about making an introduction. Hardcore from Croatia going off like a shotgun down a dark alley way. This is another new school band that I'm totally digging. Between the uzi popping percussion, the bark and bite of a hounds unleashed vocals and bright hardcore riffage, Life in Peril really set the bar. I'll drink to that!

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