Friday, February 21, 2014


A Tribute to the Misfits 
   Energy hailing from the Boston area's New World's of Fear was one of my favorite punk releases of last year. Tank and company just released a brand new EP "A Tribute To The Misfits" and it's already made a number of rotations on my play list this week. Thanks to the band's front man, Jason Tankerley, I was able to get an early listen before the masses. 
I'm a huge fan of the Misfits who basically invented the "Horror" punk genre. Energy have been carrying on the tradition in their own youthful Horror meets Power punk style. These guys know the Misfits sound inside and out. While many tribute albums can be a mixed bag, Energy do the horror forefather's real justice.
   The setlist nails down some of the greatest Danzig era Misfits tunes in their catalogue. The crisp riffs and sing along chants of Astro Zombies kick off the cd. What an opener! Tanks' smooth delivery allows the lyrics to really set in. Looking back at this song you realize how much the Misfits borrowed from the 50's and 60's doowop beat. This is quite possibly the best traditional cover of the song that I've heard. The quintessential assassination song, BULLET, is up next. Energy injects a nice bit of soaring AFI style background vocals into the song which really adds a new dimension to the song. While not as dirty as the original it definitely sounds much more current and gives the track a sense of urgency. 
   The ominous opening riff of WE ARE 138 has always been one of my favorite punk riffs. Energy once again nails, I say nails, the Misfits tone. The final background shouts are classic! Another one of my personal favorites, ATTITUDE, is short and in your face. I can't say it enough, Energy do these songs justice. The band's take on Hollywood Babylon reminds me a lot of the Grave's era Misfits sound. I might be rare as a diehard fan but I appreciate both band's era's equally so I'm completely digging hearing the two legacies come together. I carry that statement over to probably one of the most popular 'fits tunes, Die Die My Darling. Another great cover that blends the eras and clearly showcases the band's own affection for these tunes. I'm extremely happy to hear that Energy closed out the EP with my personal favorite, Where Eagles Dare. The pure confidence and vitriol of the lyrics nailed it for me the first time I heard it on the The Misfits Collection Vol. 1. This specific cover comes from Energy's early recording days and hell if you're gonna include an older song on an EP, it's gotta be a classic.
   Overall, this is what I have been hoping to hear from a tribute album for literally years. I recall the disappointment of picking up compilations in the 90's and early 2000's when everyone and their brother were putting out some type of Misfits tribute to capitalize on the rebirth of the band's popularity. So many bands talked the talk but never walked the walk. The band Energy is the product of the history of bands like the Misfits, Ramones and AFI. There is an absolute love for the music and respect for the fans of those bands. When Energy cover one of those bands, say like they did with the Ramone's Pet Sematary on New Worlds of Fear, you can hear how much they respect the songwriting and craftsmanship of the music. I'll give a band like that all the respect in the world. So I say, if you're a real Misfits fan, pick this cd up or download it off the bandcamp site. Support the bands that keep this music alive.

Tank - Vocals & Guitars
Conor O'Brien - Bass & Additional Guitars
Kevin Thompson - Drums
Robert Cheeseman - Additional Guitars

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