Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Grownman's Fast Finds brought to you this week by rattle snakes and desert cacti. It seems with the winter in full effect around these parts in New England, I decided to run headlong into a few bands that remind me of the long, hot, dirty summer. Grab your canteen, fill that flashlight up with some hot dogs for the natives (see Brady Bunch Grand Canyon episode) and enjoy the dirt bike ride around the campfires of your mind. Denial is a wonderful thing.

Asteroid (promo) 
by Sunnata


I don't usually recommend a band off a one track promo but then again most bands don't deliver like this. Damn these guys sound like they're raring for a fight. Dirty, Fuzzed out, stoner doom that's in your face. Sounds like current Neurosis meets early Soundgarden. One track to rule them all, can't wait for the rest of their shit.

Cocaine Cobras - Ep III
by Cocaine Cobras

With Sabbathy swinging rhythms and sand doom vocals these guys do in three tracks what Vista Chino and Kyuss Lives combined couldn't accomplish. Nailing down those lost on a desert highway vibes of Kyuss is a rare feat. I'm not sure these guys know it's not 1992 anymore and I hope they never find out.

Spectral Tower
by Spectral Tower This interesting mix of styles really works in unexpected ways. Strong atmospherics combined with grim vocals alongside really new earthy percussion that takes you for a journey into the vast recesses of your own mind. One hand clapping business that pushes you to the edge just enough to see the utter darkness that exists below everything we take for granted.

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