Friday, January 17, 2014

Fast Finds

Welcome back to another edition of Grownman's Fast Finds. The fast pass to some of my favorite Metal listens of the past week via Bandcamp and beyond. 2013 was an excellent year for metal and this year's early releases are already looking top notch. So let's grind(core) gears and get started!

If you love bands like Nasum and Terrorizer, you will love these guys. I was hooked the very first moment I heard this album which includes material from split albums and unreleased tracks. Nashgul grind out some pretty devastating tunes. The vocalist has a really great range. It's reminiscent of Chris Barnes's unhinged screams and the late singer Mieszko Talarczyk's quick guttural bark. The band is a powerhouse. Fast as hell, full of groove, dirge and fuzz. Definitely add this to your rotation.
Eternal Sedation - Convulsions of the Mind
Eternal Sedation take their love of the thrashy crossover style and infuse it with a modern kick in the ass. I'm really impressed with the production and the professional sound of these young dudes. Keep your eyes peeled these guys are just getting started.
Cryptic Brood - Morbid Rite
One of the best Demos I've heard in years. The vocalist pretty much sealed the deal for me on this one. Each lyric feels like it's being delivered from the depths a medieval crypt. A great mix of old school death and thrash. If you're not covered in cobwebs, road burns and massive bruises after hearing this, you're not doing it right.
Mael Mordha - Damned When Dead
I'll be the first to admit, I'm no expert in Folk Metal. I love it and was turned on to it through bands that sorta developed their sound out of the Black Metal scene. Mael Mordha come from the Doom side of things. You are gonna find more anthems on this than the standard atmospheric style of those bands based in the black metal style. I love it equally as much. Some of the members tour with Primordial, one of the leading bands of this genre, so comparisons can be easily made. This is yet another band I'm really excited about and looking forward to delving into.

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