Thursday, December 19, 2013

Opinions Are Like Assholes #5 (Faustcoven, Rust)

You know the drill. Once a week (ok, ok a little less lately) Grownman and I set our digital collections to shuffle and give our opinion of the very first 3 songs that pop up. Except this week we give you 2 since Youtube took down the Inquisition song we planned on going over.

We'll be get down on some Faustcoven and Rust. You wanna hear it, here it go...

FAUSTCOVEN Lost In The Forest of Suicide


In the past year I've found myself enjoying a bit of the Funeral Doom genre. This is unique in that the vocals are not as whisper screamy as most I've heard. The curdling spoken word aspect of it makes this
sound much more like a story telling piece. The highlight of the song for me was the grinding guitars towards the end of the song. This reminds the Vice Guide to Travel documentary about the Suicide Forest
in Japan. Not sure what's scarier, going to that forest with a purpose or just getting lost in there with people who've lost all hope.


I don't really consider Faustcoven Funeral Doom, more like Blackened Doom. Hellfire and Funeral Bells was my top album of 2012 and this is one of the highlight tracks. I love the slow opening riff and basement production. I gravitate towards music that can transfer youinto another realm. The kind of stuff you need to be isolated to truly appreciate. Faustcoven is one of those bands.

RUST Sordid Landscapes


This immediately sounds like Venom track to me. Maybe a tad more NWBHM in the riffs and a bit quicker in pace but definitely reminiscent of their sound. I really dig when the vocals kick in for a second around the 3:00 minute mark and the whole songs switches up into a gallop. I gotta check out this band's music and history.


Venom and Darkthrone has a baby and it's name is Rust. This is another one from 2012 that I had in my top 10. I love the raw energy about this band. They recently made a band camp with past releases which are also great.

Next we give you four songs because Youtube is an asshole and yanked the Inquisition song. We'll have stuff by Funerary Bell, Nasty Savage, Timeghoul and Wizard Eye.

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