Friday, December 27, 2013

"ME"TAL 101 with Grimnacht

HMT: So, I just wanted to start off and say I really love that demo you've put out. Tell me about the name of the band, what is grimnacht and how did you come up with it?
Grimnacht - Lost in the Blizzard of Eternity

G: Thank you very much! I wanted a name that was dark and grim so I figured "grim night" was as good a name as any. The German part comes from my love of their castles and landscapes plus there are a ton of great German bands that have influenced me like Aaskereia, Amystery and so many more.

HMT: When did you start playing music and what were your biggest influences? Have you been in any other bands?

G: I got my first guitar in 1988 and I have been playing ever since. I was first introduced to metal that same year when I met my neighbor Jarl who always had some kind of death metal band he was working with. My biggest influences are: walking around in the woods and listening to great music. I have been in many bands over the years, mainly just trashy garage punk stuff but at the moment I have 3 projects going which are: Skogr (Thorfinn Balor Vocals),  Winterfiend and Grimnacht which are just my personal projects.


HMT: You handle all the instruments on this recording. Does having that ability allow you to pinpoint exactly the sound you hear in your own head? Is it easier than translating what you want to other musicians when you can pretty much do it all on your own?

G: Yes, covering all the instruments myself definitely gives me complete control but as far as playing with others, I tend to let them contribute whatever they want as long as they are proud of the final product.

HMT: I find your music to be much more than a standard Black Metal sound. There are a lot of lush rhythms in the music. The music feels more upbeat. What were your goals in making this demo?

G: Thank you for noticing the upbeat sound, I really like it when a band has the guts to throw in a more positive sounding part. I love a mystery because they have that quality with their song "Nailed" it is just so epic and gives the music so much more depth than the usual minor chord progressions that most bands stick to. I do like the darker stuff too though.

HMT: What can we expect next from Grimnacht? Do you plan on playing this live with a band of musicians?

G: I definitely plan to keep putting stuff out whenever time allows and it will always just be me writing and recording by myself.

HMT: Look forward to hearing all of your projects. Thanks for stopping by "ME"TAL 101

G: Thank you very much for your interest

If you would like to learn and hear more about Grimnacht check the official Grimnacht bandcamp site where you can listen to the entire EP. Like always, if you enjoy what you hear, buy the album, t-shirt and support your favorite musicians.

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