Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fork Tongue's Best Demo's of 2013

One part of music I love is wading through bullshit to find treasure. Whether it be digging through used CD's, vinyl bins or sampling shit online, nothing quite matches that feeling of finding a bargain or finding the band you can attach yourself to as the guy who discovered them among your peers. Yea, I'm that guy. In 2013 I found quite a few that I'll be patiently awaiting more material. Now, I know this is "No Clean Singing" but I've included a couple awesome clean singing demos in here. Let's get to it. In no particular order...

Kêres - The Wanderer's Path Demo XX

This is their 3rd demo (according to Metal Archives) and I'm not sure how they haven't landed something with one of the underground Black Metal labels like Fallen Empire. Either way, I'm hoping past and future material becomes more readily available soon because it's on par with any other Black Metal band out there.

Throaat - Puke On Your Grave

New York is home to a few of my favorite bands. Villains, Negative Plane and now Throaat. Throaat play an amalgam of BlackDeathThrash n' Roll and even have some keyboards involved at times. Somehow they even manage to make it all catchy as hell. 2nd press of the cassette is still available on their Bandcamp, go support!

Panther - Speed Bitch Motor Fuck

As you can probably tell, Panther is Speed Metal, Punk n' Roll. They remind me of a band like Midnight without quite the songwriting chops. Lot's of this kind of stuff is coming out lately and I couldn't be happier about that. Grab the live version of their demo on cassette over at their Bandcamp or download the studio version for free.

Sangus Legio - Vengeful Brutality

Black Thrash with a Crust Punk flavor from Rhode Island. I've seen these guys live with bigger acts a couple of times and they eat their lunch every time. 2 free downloads over at their Bandcamp.

Stone Dagger - The Siege of Jerusalem

This is just classic traditional Heavy Metal by Brendan Radigan, vocalist extraordinaire with metal bands like Magic Circle, Hardcore bands like The Rival Mob, Oi! bands like Battle Ruins and about 75 other bands. Top quality song writing if you're into this kind of stuff.

Possession - His Best Deceit

Possession is a band who reminds me a bunch of Brazilian cult favorites Sarcofago, especially the wild eyed drum performance. This might be the most fully formed demo on my list despite the band only being together for a year or two. These guys are ready for a full length right now. If BlackDeathThrash is your thing than check it out.

Ranger - Combat Metal

Ranger has received big buzz as of late so I'm assuming a lot of you have heard this one. If not get ready because Exciter and Razor had a baby and it's coming to eat you're flesh. They also released an EP off the strength of the demo and it's great so pick that up also.

Arnaut Pavle - Arnaut Pavle

So your sick of inconsequential Darkthrone releases with inside metal references? What's that? You want old Darkthrone back? Well here you go.

Eternal Champion - The Last King of Pictdom

More clean singing for that ass. When I first heard Eternal Champion I could not stop listening. I'm generally not a fan of any genre with "epic" in the title but this is genuinely epic heavy metal. This might actually be my favorite demo this year.

Bones - Demo 2013

Bones is a band in the same category of Mold only slightly less...moldy. Just awesome old school Death Metal. It's a great mix of Hellhammer and Autopsy. Just listen to "Curative Conversion". Beautiful.

Mold - Cremated Alive

Moldy, rotted, cobweb covered old school Death Metal. Nothing new school about it. If I didn't know better I'd think this was a long lost demo from years past. If anybody can find a physical copy somewhere let me know in the comments because this shit kills.

Well that's it for me. Bandcamp has become a wonderful tool for metal. Whether it's bands, fans like myself or bloggers like the people here, it's hard to imagine some of this stuff getting recognized without it. So keeps your eyes peeled, you never when you'll stumble onto the next big thing.

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