Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fast Finds

Welcome back to a new edition of Grownman's Fast Finds. It's been a great week of listening to some really killer bands from across the webiverse. The common trait you'll find in the bands highlighted this week is the GROOVE. No matter if it's psychedelic or doom, you'll find your head bobbing and your mind getting lost in the rhythm. So strap that helmet on because we're taking it warp speed bitches.

Krownn - Hyborian Age
Talk about setting the bar. The intro tracks opens to a trippy version of the popular Schwarzenegger quote from Conan. This trio made up of a doomy(thick french accented) male vocalist and two ass kicking ladies on rhythm dish out some delicious dark metal. Seriously catchy slabs of groove, gloom and doom round out Hyborian Age. Krownn are all about celebrating the best elements of the genre even if the last track, The Melnibonean, completely sounds like it was ripped from Type O's Bloody Kisses or World Coming Down. If you're a fan of Danzig, Kyuss, Early Sabbath and Type O you are sure to find this a non stop listen. The Golden Grass - One More Time
Jaw Dropping Psychedelia. Sounds like a Hendrix/Ginger Baker one off side project. AMAZING to put it short and sweet. Only two tracks? I want more!
Valfader - Whispers of Chaos
Man, these guys ride a big wave of sound. The raw, under produced quality of this recording gives you a real sense of what these guys must sound like live. Gotta love bands that can just plug in and jam. The soaring vocals on the track D.M.T. are phenomenal.
Black Seal - Pyre
These guys must have ate the brown acid. Florida might be known for Death Metal but this trio is gonna put a new star on the map. Garage Punk, psychedelia and stoner jam influences all balled into one make this a sledgehammer of a listen. Another raw offering that delivers the groovy goods complete with a kick ass album cover of a goth gal kneeling on a pyre holding a skull. Classic.

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