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So I emailed Henry...

With a quick bit of research on the internet I was able to procure an innocuous email linked to THE Henry Rollins, the legendary frontman of Black Flag. I had no clue what I'd write to him, I just knew I really wanted some words from Henry. At the ripe age of 38, I realize it's easier to try and fail than not to try (or in this case "hit send") at all. So here is a direct excerpt from that said email. I'm posting this not to toot my own horn but to just show other folks out there that indeed taking chances can pay off.
"This is a long shot but I've learned that life's too short to wait for opportunities to knock.
Hope you are well. I'm also into acceptance."
Mr. Rollin's replied that indeed he would answer a few of my questions. Immediately my mind raced to come up with questions worthy of a response from a man who has traveled the earth in the good name of punk, helping charities and building social bridges through his own one man spoken word tours. That is just a mere fraction of what this man has accomplished since his youth as a member of one the most recognized punk bands in the universe, Black Flag.
When I decided to start this blog, I had manageable expectations.  I would promote the music and musicians I was most inspired by. I would incorporate the expertise of my talented friends who knew as much (most times even more) about aggressive music and the spirit of that said music to write from a genuine perspective. To write, teach and entertain our readers about the music we love. So alas, I bring you a Henry Rollins interview. A man who speaks volumes in just a few short responses.

HMT: Henry you have traveled all over the globe. Some say our biggest export is our entertainment industry. If it is, how does the world view our culture and society based on what we export?

Henry Rollins - "Our biggest export is weapons and munitions. That is how the world views our culture and society based on what we export. We are feared all over. "

HMT: You speak for a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have a voice. What part does that play in your music, writings and spoken word tours? 

Henry Rollins - "I just put out there what I think is the right thing to do. I don’t know exactly who it goes to besides the people I meet and the letters I read. I try to be clear and direct with all the things I do. "

HMT: At the end of the day, after you either tore the roof off places with the Rollins Band or spoke in front of thousands are you able to put that side of yourself away? To Decompress and be just Henry? 

Henry Rollins - "For me, it’s all one thing. I work on all this stuff all the time. It’s hard if not impossible to shut it off. I spend a lot of time on my own, that is perhaps the way I stay level."

Shortly after this interview earlier this year, a near international crisis took place in Syria and I couldn't overlook what Mr. Rollins had told me. Regardless of the spin many news agencies were putting on the story, clearly US military intervention was not as widely accepted as they tried to make us believe. It became much more than a political issue for most of the population here and abroad. It was just one incident in many that occurs daily across the planet. We are feared for our actions much more than for our "moral" values. I want to thank Henry personally for his time and his honest responses to my questions. It is with great gratitude I put together a personal list of items I've collected throughout my youth and adulthood that you may want to share with your friends and family. It would be easy to just call this a "gift guide" but it is much more than that. Many of these items shaped who I am today and helped me understand aspects of life I had never experienced myself. Ultimately acceptance and not fear is a major factor in the progression of our lives and Henry leads by example. 


Rollins Band - Weight
This may have the hit "LIAR" but it's so much more than that. This may be one of the best cds ever created to work out to. Bluesy and Pissed off.
Rollins Band - The End of Silence
This album is an album that hit me at the right time in my life. A real kick in the ass if you're depressed and you need to get real with yourself.

My favorite of all Black Flag Albums. The traditionalists might sight earlier material but this one solidified the greatness of this band.

Black Flag - My War
This album still feels fresh. The smart man's hardcore.
Johnny Mnemonic 
Who doesn't love some cheesy sci fi once in awhile. With cameos by Henry Rollins and Dolph Lundgren, you can't go wrong. Like, WOAH!

The Henry Rollins Show - Season 1 
Henry is an amazing interviewer and his commentary on politics, news and celebrated figures is top notch. The musical peformances on this show were raw and electric.

Live at Westbeth Theater
If you buy this for one story, buy it for the RATT story. 
Henry says what we all want to say in fewer words and is much funnier.
Black Coffee Blues
This was my actual introduction to Mr. Rollins outside of his music career. Thank goodness for having intelligent friends in college who were eager to share the words of Henry.
The First Five
I asked for two books for Christmas one year. This and Bukowski's Last Night of the Earth Poems. Indeed that was a good year.


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