Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Throwdown

 BAND: Young and In The Way
ALBUM: I Am What I Am
YEAR: 2011
GENRE: Blackened Crust

 Lots of bands these days are doing Crust Punk/Hardcore with Black Metal aesthetics but none are doing it as well an Young and In The Way. Angry, dark and something I must own. The biggest compliment I can give it is that unlike most music of this ilk it never dissolves into feeling like just a bunch of noise. There are plenty of great shifts in tempo, short ambient patches and some good vocal samples. Speaking of vocals I LOVE the vocals here. Raspy, forceful and completely understandable This is something you'll walk away from remembering.




BAND: Red Fang
ALBUM: Murder The Mountains
YEAR: 2011
GENRE:Stoner Metal

I like Stoner stuff. I hate Red Fang. Fuck their shitty music.



Support YOUNG AND IN THE WAY! Go to their Bandcamp and buy stuff! Forget Red Fang exists!


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