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Yet another amazing band I came across while navigating through the landscape of Bandcamp. SWAMPS sound definitely stands out against many of their peers. A young band that has the genuine feel of some of my favorite hardcore bands growing up. This is true hardcore. I hope you'll enjoy this interview and check out the videos below. I have a feeling these guys are gonna be huge! -grownman

HMT:  The city of Springfield where I see you guys hail from is bat shit crazy. I lived there four years. How has that city in particular influenced your music?
SWAMPS: Yeah, Springfield can definitely be a pretty interesting place. Although now only 3/5's of this band are from Springfield and the other are from Connecticut. So far as influence and sound goes, I don't think Springfield has played a particularly major role in our music or writing style. 

HMT: Bed of Thorns is a great video, where the hell were you guys playing?
SWAMPS: Thanks man. We actually filmed that in a small shed at our vocalists house. We cleared out everything inside and did what we could with it. The video actually ended up coming out way cooler than we thought.
HMT: Where are you favorite places to play, after seeing your House Show video I don't know many houses that stand a chance.
SWAMPS: Haha, yeah I don't think so. We always love to take advantage of playing places we've never played before. That, and I fear people will get sick of us if we play around the same place all the time. So any time we get to play outside of Massachusetts is always a good experience.
As far as venues go, it's been nice to play places lately that have a stage, mics, a good PA system, etc. just because I love the sound quality. But we'd still take a house show over that any day. 

 HMT: I found you guys on Bandcamp, how important has that site been to grabbing ears and getting noticed?
SWAMPS: Bandcamp has definitely been a crucial medium in getting people to hear our stuff. It makes everything convenient and it's so well-known now that kids can easily discover bands from all over.

HMT: What did you guys grow up listening to? Have you gotten to play with any of your influences?
SWAMPS: I grew up obviously listening to a lot of alternative music. Honestly it all started with Blink 182 and whatever bands were relevant on Warped Tour at the time. When I got into high school I started going to local hardcore shows with an older friend of mine. From there I began discovering a lot of bands across the U.S, listening to different types of hardcore, getting acquainted with the classics, etc etc.
Since creating Swamps we've been lucky enough to play with a lot of bands that we look up to. Getting the opportunity to share the stage with bands that initially got me into hardcore has been a true blessing.

HMT: What are the pros and cons of playing in the CT/NY/Western Mass area where so many great bands in the Metal and Hardcore scene have come out of?
SWAMPS: It's definitely great coming from an area where hardcore is so relevant and the history is deep. There are cool things happening in every scene around us and we're grateful to be a part of it.

HMT: Do you plan on touring to support "HARD WORK"?
 SWAMPS: Yes. We're currently in the process of setting up a full U.S. in January so be on the look out if we come through. Thanks man.
 HMT: Thanks guys, keep tearing the roof off those buildings.

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