Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fast Finds

This week we take the "WAY BACK" machine to 1997 with a reintroduction to a band that I wrote off back a few years earlier, IMPETIGO. Then we jump forward to the present to meet up with two bands that sound even older. Hop on in, I can't guarantee we get back here the same way we went but it should be a hell of a ride.

IMPETIGO - Horror of the Zombies
This is a great album. This was originally released in 1997 and was put up for free streaming this year on Razorback's bandcamp site. I don't usually spend much time on older releases unless it's on a label like Razorback. I absolutely hated Impetigo's first full length when I bought it off ebay back in the day. I recall giving it away because it had some really disgusting sound clips and the vocals were kinda all over the place. Horror of the Zombies is quite an improvement. I wish I had stuck it out because looking back at 1997 this would've been a welcome edition to my collection back then. This is a much more straightforward Death Metal album that still includes their signature use of sound clips from serial killer interviews and horror movies. This time around the vocals don't stray as far away from the rest of the band's sound and the entire album sounds like they matured into a much more devastating unit. If you're into early death metal I think you'll enjoy it. Skip their first full length, it was disgusting.

Arkham Witch - Hammerstorm
What's not to like about a 11 minute plus power metal epic about THOR? This has 80s written all over it. I swear this should come with a few tokens to the local arcade. You know the one with the super groovey Tron Disc game. There are three tracks on this EP total and two of them have the word "METAL" in them. The lyrics are all pretty hilarious and thank goodness these guys aren't as serious as some throwback bands these days. To steal the words right out of the singer's mouth, I think you'll agree...."DENIM AND LEATHER BROUGHT US TOGETHER, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?"

Lothorian - Welldweller

For doom and stoner bands, the vocals make or break it for me. Lothorian's vocalist has a really unique sound. I'm not sure if it's effects or a natural warble to his voice but it somehow works with these deep dredging riffs. The band doesn't really break new ground for this genre but it's not always about reinventing the wheel(of confustion) when it comes to this Sabbath-esque style. The track "DOOMSDAY CALLING" is probably the best on this record from start to finish and worth the price of admission alone.

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