Friday, November 8, 2013

Con Review

Big Fun in the Smallest State
Rhode Island Comic Con exceeds expectations.

This past weekend Providence, Rhode Island was home to the Rhode Island Comic Con. A collection of celebrities, comic artists and vendors came together for a really fun fest. I've been to several conventions over the years including the Wizard Con in the early 2000's and Boston Comic Con that boasted a similar list of celeb's and artists but this one trumped those easily. First off, the line to purchase admission tickets was long but moved super fast compared to the Boston cons where you could wait for hours. It helped that I live less than a half hour trek to and from the convention so I didn't mind the wait.

Providence Convention Center
The lack of signage was confusing when it came to finding out where to buy tickets. I was directed to the box office at the "DUNK" after asking a security guard. Once a ticket was purchased you received a wristband at check in and could proceed to the Providence Convention Center adjacent to the "Dunk". While in line I noticed a lot of cosplay characters dressed in either Avenger's gear or original concoctions of characters like the Iron Chef(Iron Man Mask/Chef outfit) and a unique Batman/Deadpool mix(see picture).

Entering the convention space I was pretty surprised with the collection of famous vehicles on display. With the exception of the haggard bat boat and the pt cruiser with the ghostbuster's decals slapped on it, almost everyone of the vehicles was exceptional. For a reasonable fee fans could even take a picture inside the vehicles(including the boat).

Celebrity Guests Rows were packed with fans.
The age group of con goers ranged from babies to old folk and all points in between. Whoever came up with the list of celeb's had each age group covered. It was very surreal as I walked past Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Tawny Kitaen. It was like walking through a VH1's We Love the 80's episode. The list of celebs also included some really unique reunions. A series of tables were lined with Power Ranger Actors. Another section reunited Martin Kove and Billy Zabka of the dastardly Kobra Kai(Karate Kid).
Martin Kove of Karate Kid

Superman's Jack O'Halloran
I had my own list of celebs I was looking forward to see. I strolled by the wrestling section saying hello to New England Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame's organizer Joseph Bruen. I shook hands with former WWE star Kenny Dykstra and fist bumped with Rikishi. I moved onto some of the older celebs and struck up a conversation with Jack O'Halloran known for his character in Superman 2. I always dug his take as the mute henchman and it was a cool experience talking to him for a bit. From Jack I moved onto John Amos, famously known for his role as the dad in Good Times and one of the baddies in Die Hard 2. I was a bit star struck to say the least.

Goodtime's John Amos
I proceeded to walk from the celeb aisles to the vendor section of the con. I didn't have any purchases in mind so I quickly browsed and moved along. It would've been very easy to make a compulsive buy with so many of the cool pop culture items within grasp. I quickly made my way to the artist section. I knew a couple of the artists that would be appearing. As much as I loved comics growing up, collecting signatures or comics from specific artists has never been something I've been into.

I made my way back around the convention. There was plenty to see on all sides of the floor plan. The Planet of the Ape troupe and Star Wars set up including a huge Rancor figure and a moving Jabba the Hutt were my personal favorites.

Bernie's alive and well
I took a quick peek at my watch and realized that what seemed like a full afternoon exploring only took about an hour and a half. The convention had been a success and I didn't waste a whole day in traffic which was a huge plus. My overall impression of the convention was really positive and I'm really excited about next year's prospects. Before leaving the convention floor for a final time, I took a pic with the actor that played Bernie from the "weekend at bernie's" movie series. A fitting end to a crazy weekend in Rhode Island.
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