Monday, October 7, 2013


Metallica. What comes to mind when I say that word? Heavy metal music, The Black Album, James Hetfield almost getting blown up, Sell outs, Movie Makers???
I can remember being a little kid watching the MTV channel at my cousins house and coming across the video for "One" and thinking this is fantastic. Before that I really never heard of Metallica. Then the Black album hit and I heard Enter Sandman and I was hooked. Watching that video for "Enter Sandman" as a 8 year old boy and seeing the 18 wheeler chase the kid and destroy the bed was the coolest. Since then I would say I was a fan of the band and kept up with them through MTV and reading Metal Edge.
I haven't seen Metallica live. I really didn't start going to concerts until 2000ish and by then Metallica really started playing overseas more than the US. They have been around a few times but tickets sell out fast and I'm not a rich man. I bake bread for a living, I'm not a rockafellar.
So when I first heard of Through the Never I was pretty excited to go see it.
I first saw the trailer back in the Summer when I went and saw Man of Steel. The footage we saw was fantastic and looked so crystal clear you felt like you were on stage watching from the side.
So I decided I was going to see this movie and I was very excited for it.
Right off the bat I will say I half liked it and half hated it and I will explain....
Don't tell people this is a movie when in fact it is mostly a concert. I have no problem with the concert footage, in fact the concert was pretty good. Metallica seems to put on a great show. All of the band seems to play their asses off. Lars always seems to get dogged online for some reason and you always hear jokes about being the drummer of a band is shit but Lars seems to be on another level when he plays. I mean if I had to choose what I wanted to play in a band it wouldn't be a drummer and that's not because its "Lame" its because it looks like he's the hardest working member of the band.
scene from "THROUGH THE NEVER"
Ok lets get back to the review.
The "Film" starts off with a kid (who I guess works for the band) being sent on a mission to retrieve something special that Metallica needs for the concert. Now everything just turns to shit. We get some good action but the whole idea of this mini film is to fit in with the concert being played back at the venue. Every time it switches back and forth I got pissed because you just want one or the other.
If Metallica wanted to make a movie, then make a Fucking movie don't mix both because like I said you get pissed that as you get into the film it switches to movie and as the movie gets going it switches to the concert.
For me the film "falls off a cliff" once you see a puppet come to life.
If the puppet wasn't bad enough you're looking for some payoff. Well guess what, you don't get one. The whole film is based on this mission this kid has to go on and we get shit in the end. Say you're a wrestling fan and you're watching Wrestlemania 6 and the main event is on and its Hogan vs Warrior and Warrior hits his big splash on Hogan and we get the ref counting 1, 2, and then the screen goes black. No fucking finish would piss you off. Or just think about how pissed you were when The Sopranos ended with that black screen.
Lars Ulrich
I can't really explain further unless I ruin it for you. I should and save you people the $17.00 it cost to go see this crap in IMAX.
People have said online that this is Metallica's version of their "The Wall" and those people are assholes.
I had no issues with the concert but the film had major issues.
See this movie if you want but buyers beware. You have been warned.
Through the Never...I should've said Never!

Film- D
Result- Wait for Red Box, or Download it Napster style when it leaks. Up yours Lars :)

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