Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Choice Cuts

Every Fall I get in tune with my darker side.
Personality? No ..eh…maybe
Music? Definitely

 It’s been a tradition of mine for the last few years to pull out some of my favorite listening material for this time of year. I live in New England where we still have some semblance of the seasons. The summer’s shadow grows longer and the winter snowfall seems to come earlier, no thanks to Global Warming. But smack dab in between we have my favorite season.


Dwindling daylight fades into the hues of a purple sky. Dead leaves mingle with a crisp breeze and paint the landscape with blood red hues. Nothing better to set the tone for some dark music. The type that hints of gothic and old world gloominess. Tempered with witchcraft and voodoo rituals. Yes indeed this is Fall Music.

So here’s a list of some of my personal favorites in no particular order of significance. Sit back around the campfire, toss back a few pumpkin flavored brews and enjoy. (click links for video)

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