Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Gwar. When I hear the name Gwar it brings me right back to a young age of going to the local video store and renting the new Sega Genenis game "Beavis and Butthead. As I put the game in the console and watched with amazement as Beavis and Butthead had to piece together their concert tickets for a group called Gwar. I had no idea who Gwar was but I knew if Beavis and Butthead liked them I would too. This was the early 90's so I couldn't just jump on the internet and look them up.
My next encounter with Gwar happened when I watched the under rated movie Empire records. Gwar appears in the film and they eat one of the characters.
I got to meet Dave Brockie last year at a Horror Convention. He was very nice but very quiet and laid back. I was kinda shocked how quiet he was seeing how out going and out spoken he is as Oderus Urungus.
I have always wanted to see Gwar live but I have never really gotten the chance. When ever they come to town I always have work. From the clips I have seen they put on a hell of a show and use alot of props,and fake blood. Makes me sad I still havent seen them live. Well enough of my #whiteguyproblems.

Today I will be reviewing Gwar's brand new Album-"Battle Maximus"
I will be honest before this album I have never heard 1 Gwar song and I didn't really know what I was getting into.
I hated this album.As I am writing this i'm listening to it again because I for some odd reason feel like I should like it. Maybe I feel like I should like Gwar.
I have read a lot of reviews on this and it seems like a lot of Gwar fans like it. Maybe I'm just missing something. I went in to this with a huge open mind,but I think i'm not one of the cool kids.
Let see if I can find something good to say..
I kinda like the song "raped at birth"-It's kinda catchy
Also another thing I liked about this album is I could understand what Oderus Urungus was saying. I really can't stand the metal music out there that has the lead singer mumbling and yelling at the same time. I won't ever tell anyone they are wrong for listening to what they like but that kind of music is not my cup of tea.
In my Opinion the allure to Gwar is their live shows. Everything I have seen from them from youtube looks like its a really good show with the fake blood, and destroying the celeb dummies.
If you are a Gwar fan I say go give this a listen, I'll bet you will like it. I did not.
I know the world has a bunch of Gwar fans out there, unfortunately I am not one of them.

- Gary DeAngelis 

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