Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013: The Resurrection of Death Metal PART II

In the first installment of this column I wrote about how the dam has broken in terms of good Death Metal this year. I gave some examples of some classic bands that made great albums and now it's time to transition into telling you about the many lesser known DM bands that put out great material in 2013. There's a lot so let's get moving.

PROSANCTUS INFERI Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night

Probably the most traditionally vicious of the bunch, Prosanctus Inferi has improved tremendously on their second album. They don't let you breath through their wall of sound for a second and those vocals, ooooh those throat ripping vocals!

 SACRIPHYX The Western Front

I've gushed about this band here before in my best of the first half of 2011 column so I'll just leave you to the music.

 KATECHON Man, God, Giant

Great mix of Death Metal, Black Metal and even some Hardcore.


Another album I've raved about here already. Listen.


What happens when Diocletian and Teitanblood have a baby?

ABYSSAL Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

The name says it all. Truly an abyss of sound.


Only an EP but already qualified as Death Metal's Deathspell Omega.

HORRIFYING Euphoric Existence [EP]

Pure, well crafted, old school DM.

MOLD Cremated Alive [Demo]
See above.


P A R T    I I I

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