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TUNNEL VISION - Opinions and Reviews by Gary DeAngelis

My name is Gary DeAngelis Jr. and I know nothing about Heavy, Heavy Metal music.
The Goal of this column is to expand my mind to a music world I know nothing about. I will give a honest review of what I listen to and what I like and dislike about it.

Good For You: Greg Ginn & Mike Vallely
Today I will be reviewing the Greg Ginn side project "Good for you" featuring the lead vocals of Mike Vallely.
Greg Ginn was the founding member of the Influencial band Black Flag in the late 70's to mid 80's.
Mike Vallely is a former skateboarder who I guess now sings. I first discovered Mike by watching the CKY videos that Bam Margera put out. How you make the jump from doing an ollie to now being a lead vocalist is beyond me.
I ended up finding the album on their facebook page and they allow you to listen for free.
Normally I would just give a review of the album as a whole but seeing how the album is 5 songs I did each track.
Hanging Around - was an ok song, nothing special
Its just business - was blah. Greg Ginn and his playing is ok but he seems to be playing extra fast to still prove that hes Greg Ginn and still has it.
Good Sport - Vocals were kinda low and hard to hear over Ginns guitar playing. Again I didnt find the vocals anything special.
Stupid me - I actually dont mind this song.Kinda catchy.The chorus is catchy. Again though the mix of vocals seems to be lower then the guitar. Not sure if its the common theme of this record.
Blaze of Glory - When I think of blaze of glory it reminds me of Young Guns 2 starring Emilio Estevez and that is the only nice thing I have to say about this song. Half of the song is him repeating "blaze of glory", and it gets old real quick.
Black Flag: Rollins(left) Ginn(right)
In closing, I didnt like this "album" at all. 5 songs on a album is pretty lame to begin with. Greg Ginn and Mike Vallely don't mix well. I haven't heard Mike's other bands so I kinda went into this blind but maybe under a different scenario Mike might be decent but I just didnt like him here.
Greg Ginn I just didn't get why he made this group/album. Since leaving Black Flag in the mid 80's Ginn has tried many projects and all of them seem to go down this road that leads to not many people giving a fuck. Like I said his guitar playing is typical Greg Ginn-style but a little sloppy. It seemed like he had to prove to the world that he was still around and he could still play.
If you are a Black Flag fan I would stay away because it will just depress you knowing that Ginn got a "Henry Rollins" ripoff to try and lead a horse in to battle without armor.
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