Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The band B.C.(Before Christ) hails from Brooklyn. It's a 4 piece and it's Metal! If this band came across my eardrums without any previous knowledge of who was playing in it, first I'd think this is crazy old as hell and secondly I'd fail at finding anything about the band besides a few youtube clips and a bandcamp site on the web. Talk about DIY.
I've known the lead guitarist Bill Augustus since college way back in 1993. Bill Augustus is an amazing artist as well as musician. It's an outright shame I haven't reviewed this until now since this did come out last year. I'm a bad friend because this is an amazing EP.
Let's get to the music. It's killer! The production sweats old school black metal through it's pores. The guitar riffs plunge, swing out and grab you by the throat. Speaking of throats, the vocals sound like a Jaguar ripping out the vocal chords of, well, another jaguar. The drum and bass have this really cool punk feel and when the quick picking of the guitar kicks in, the songs become much more than the standard black metal blue print. Between chords quickly descending into an almost middle eastern rhythm, sparce cutting vocals and the swinging drums/bass, the track "Drone" seems to my favorite track so far. But things can change on the two hundredth listen which I'm sure I'll easily do by the time this gets published.
B.C.'s music will easily satiate the appetites of doom, punk, death and black metal fans alike. It's easily one of my favorite listens in quite a long while. Be sure to hit up their bandcamp site and search youtube for some rare live performances.

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