Monday, August 26, 2013

Oniricous - Ritos Diabolico Review

Ritos Diabolicos 
by Oniricous

This is a Lovecraftian masterpiece. Do I speak Spanish? How do you say "NO" in Spanish? Well, who cares? Oniricous' Ritos Diabolicos roughly translated, devilish rites is fast as hell and really entertaining. With my basic knowledge of anything closely related to the spanish language that seemed to linger around from my high school days almost 20 years ago, I barely understand one word these dudes are raging about. Yet with a little help from the internets I was able to decypher that the stories of H.P. Lovecrafte greatly inspired these songs. That guy, I know quite a bit about. The perfect inspiration for a balls out, thrash your face off style of death metal. Songs like "Reanimador" will quickly bring to mind Lovecraft's ground breaking zombie series Herbert West - Renaminator. The band is extremely fast and tight with all songs coming in at less than 4 minutes a piece. The vocalist sounds vicious with a quick zombie-esqu attack on the mic, as the guitarist seemlessly works in solos under the machine gun like patter of the bass and drums. There is something extremely genuine about this band's performance. Like "old school death metal genuine" that you don't find in many bands these days. Originally known as GHUL, not much can be extracted about the band outside of a FB page and the bandcamp site. Regardless of the fact that all the lyrics are in Spanish, their blistering music transcends all that and leaves me clutching the Necronomicon under my cthulian wings, hoping to overcome the madness long enough to press the play button again and again. Defintely looking forward to future releases from this band.

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