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Heavy Metal Textbooks had a chance to chat with a real horror punk rock icon and former lead singer of THE MISFITS, Michale Graves. Enjoy this exclusive "ME"TAL 101 interview!

Heavy Metal Textbooks: Extremely excited to hear that the SKELECROW is alive and well. Did touring with the blitzkrieg bring you back to wanting to write and perform the horror punk style?

Michale Graves: partner, Mark Allen Stuart and I, discussed the idea of this album and effort a few times after we had completed "Vagabond". Since we formed our partnership about a year ago we have produced 2 albums and have 2 more to release this year. In order to re-enter the Monster Rock world we knew we had to create something very special. We wanted to build an anthology that showcased all 3 phases of my career - the early legacy material, the "Punk Rock is Dead" period and the new songs that were created especially for the album. The intent was not to create covers for the legacy songs so we were challenged to create something unique - and we feel we did that.

HMT: You've rerecorded some of your most well known tunes for Lost Skeleton
Returns. This is really a bonus for not only your old school fans but those
just jumping on board. Did you discover or uncover any skeletons of your own
revisiting these songs?

MG: We were so focused in the studio on where we are at in the present and where we wanted to go that it was hardly a walk down any sort of memory lane. I love and cherish the early days and have so much respect for the music and the band of brothers that created it - but this was a brand new experience. I knew that the world would be watching...
Clip from the "Zombie" video

HMT: You have a great new video out for the track "ZOMBIE". Where did you film the video and how did you come to meet Skelpira?

MG: Mark truly was the lead on the video- he has feature film Producer experience along with a passion for horror and sci-fi movies. We kicked around ideas for the video for a while, we wrote a few treatments...I hadn't even finished lyrics yet for the song... one day Mark created the remarkable story of this zombie character. It was easy for me to complete lyrics after that because the vision was then so clear. We scouted several locations for the video shoot in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania.  It was tough finding a spot that would really bring the video to we shot at on location at the old weapons lab where the story was supposed to take place. Mark somehow got us access to it. We had a general idea of the first floor - but we had limited time for the scout and shoot - so when we found the basement- the crypt if you will - where the zombies came out of - we knew we were "home".

Our company -  Hydraulic Entertainment is totally focused on classic monsters. We wanted to create an experience where watching my music videos is like sitting in a living room in 1955 watching a horror movie. To make that a reality we needed a horror hostess so Skel-pira was born. We conducted an international search via Facebook and had submissions from all over the world- that is how we found Skel-pira.

HMT: You are no stranger to acting and performing on film. I'm a big old school zombie fan, any thoughts of making this video into a fully realized short film? Can you suggest one of your favorite zombie films?

MG: The idea to broaden the story of this character is in development.  The classic must see zombie film is Night of the Living Dead - I wrote some for this film on the current album. George Romero - the pioneer in the category is a friend and he is the best. I would also recommend 'The Last Man On Earth' based on the story(I AM LEGEND) by Richard Matheson - it is a vampire-zombie classic.

HMT: You worked with Chris Motionless on the track "Forbidden Planet". Did you enjoy working with him and integrating his style of vocals into the track? Any plans on working with him again or other artists in the future?

MG: I did enjoy working with Chris Motionless - frankly I loved it - he is a beyond talent - talent along with being really cool and I loved the opportunity to compose a song that lent to both of our voices.  As for working with other artists indeed Mark and I through Hydraulic Entertainment and our record company 'Vile Of Venom' plan on both working with and developing new talent as well as collaborating with other artists we feel are the right ones to work with and fit within our company ethos.

HMT: Can we expect the Skelecrow to be making his way around the states to support the new cd in 2013?

MG: You bet you can BUT there are a limited number of performances and the first of those shows begin July 19th and runs until July 27th.  You can expect more US shows in October featuring the Skel-Crow and his Chambers Of Horror Band.

HMT: Lastly, along with Metal, I'm a huge wrestling fan. (I know I know) Besides myself, do fans ever ask you about your stint in the WCW? I'll admit I was impressed that you didn't half ass those in ring performances at all.

MG: Indeed I am often asked about my experience working in the WCW.  As with everything I put my heart and my soul into the WCW and it was a really rewarding time for me.  'Lost Skeleton Returns' gives the listener a glimpse of those times and experiences and that is one of the things that makes the record special.

Thank you so much, Michale
And so that concludes our interview with Michale Graves. It was an honor and I'm sure many of the fans around the world are excited to have some great new "Skelecrow" music to rock out to this year. Order the cd at the Merch store link below and check out Michale's website while you're at it. Check back for upcoming tour dates.

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