Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clint's Pull List - New Monthly Picks from another one of our resident Metal(head) Experts!

Yes Indeed, Heavy Metal Textbooks have a bunch of inhouse Metal Experts. They search through metal magazines, the internet and the few record stores still standing to unearth some of the most unheard of and rare gems. Here is our newest addition. Welcome Clint Smith, former lead singer of New England's underground death metal band, Gutlust, to the blog. Always on the hunt for the elusive vinyl, cassette and or cd, this guy moshes with the best of 'em.  Let's check out this killer list.

L Sol Tace 


Bog of the Infidel 

Dragged into Sunlight 


Darker Mysteria 





Check back each month for "Clint's Pull List" and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming lists from some of our other Metal Experts. Keep the spirit of Metal, Punk and Hardcore alive! Buy the music! Wear the Tshirt! Support the Artists!

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