Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Queensryche's new self titled album crushes it's competition.

With first week sales in the US totalling around 13,500 copies and a No. 23 spot on the Billboard Charts, it is clear that the QUEENSRYCHE fans have spoken.

It's competition, Geoff Tate's Frequency Unknown released on the Cleopatra label came in at a very low (based on previous QR standards) 5,500 units for it's own first week release back in April.
I've covered Queensryche pretty thoroughly in my past posts so I will not get into the background drama of the two QR camps. I will say that ultimately the quality of the songwriting and the value of the production of the self titled release stood head and shoulders over Tate's Frequency Unknown.

It'll be interesting to see how November's court proceedings pan out in the wake of such a one sided sales victory. One Reich to rule them all!

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