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HMT presents Soul Searching with Mina Caputo

Recently, I was very fortunate to have a conversation with none other than Mina Caputo
Mina Caputo(formerly Keith) is a founding member of the band LIFE OF AGONY. Along with Alan Roberts, Joey Z and Sal Abruscato (Type O Negative), LOA produced in my opinion one of the greatest Metal concept albums of all time, RIVER RUNS RED. The album reveals a story about a young man who eventually takes his own life. The story is told through both songs and answering machine messages.
Life Of Agony
It does not glorify suicide but captures the reality of depression and confronts real situations that many youth have gone through.

The band continued to release great albums like UGLY, Soul Searching Sun and Broken Valley over the next ten years. In 2012 the band went on an indefinite hiatus. Each member of the band has been successful in either starting new bands like "A Pale Horse Named Death" or putting out comics like Alan Robert's "Wire Hangers" series.

Mina's own solo debut Died Laughing released in 1999, showcased her range as a vocalist and songwriter outside of the Metal genre. It has become one of my favorite non Metal albums in my collection. It's a great album full of intelligent song writing and it has a cool rock sensibility. Even the packaging itself is beautiful. 

Her solo efforts continue to be personal and revealing. It's a true reflection of the artist. 
As Much Truth as One Can Bear! is the first release under the name "Mina"
Mina formerly known as Keith, released the following tweet in 2011
"Male to female transsexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!"
Mina is currently promoting her indiegogo campaign for As Much Truth as One Can Bear! and a recently released video for the track "Identity"Enjoy the interview and follow the links to help support the campaign.
 - Grownman, Editor and Chief

So without further ado.
Soul Searching with Mina Caputo

HMT: I've heard the sound clips for your new CD, “As Much Truth as One Can Bear!” and I've followed you throughout your career. How much more confident do you feel now as an artist and a person?

Mina Caputo: I age like a fine wine. the artist & person is one. No separation. My work is my life. My life, my work. Confidence comes & goes. Depends on the day. & I'm forever changing which keeps my life full of surprises.

HMT: With the new indiegogo fundraising model, do you feel like you are collaborating with the fans more?

Mina Caputo: Yes, imaginatively speaking the fans are my label now. The campaign was set up for folks who still possess the romance of having a special product or unique release that they can hold in their hands and put close to their heart. It's the perfect mirror reflection of what I'm like at home. I still make my daily visits to the mama and papa shops like (Other Music) NYC, to attain my favorite artists & their releases both in America & world wide. I've never downloaded or bought music on-line, ever. I never will. I'll never download a book to read. I need to hold a book in my hand or music etc. I'm going against the fast food mentality of our world. And I always will. I have no connection whatsoever to our corporate binary codes. I feel pity for these teenagers & folks that will never know what it's like to grow up with vinyl/Cd's & music & art work/lyrics you can slowly digest appreciate & dream along with. buying music on-line is the coldest way of being a part of the artists evolution.

HMT: I really love the visual art of your packaging and videos. Does it feel like you have more control over the overall message of your music having such artistic ability?

Mina Caputo: Thank you. I've realized over the years that I'm not in control. And that's the moment when u realize that everything is in control. Make sense? lol. Tapping into the creative for me is like my prayers & aspirations being answered & spread out to other forms of consciousness in our deeply webbed hearts & souls. It's why I do what I do. To heal & be healed.

HMT: Lastly, what would you like to say to fans out there that have struggled with finding their own identity? Do you think society's recent spotlight on bullying and acceptance will eventually help to create a more open-minded society?

Mina Caputo: No matter who u R or what you think you R or whatever it is your going through here on this planet some type of struggle exists. It's part of our growth as a species. It may very well be a part of human nature. i don't have the answers. not all of 'em. I'm searching, believe me. ..I haven't forgotten the great mystery of life that I confront each and every moment I'm experiencing. All i could say is to believe in yourself, & to love and honor yourself and believe in the magic & power within & DO-NOT be dumbed down by our world leaders/politicians & conglomerates that want to continue to stick u into the chicken pen to lay their golden eggs for their own greed! I think once people let love in rather than fear, society will wake up & get back on track, hopefully.

Amazing words Mina, it's been an honor!

So this concludes our conversation with Mina Caputo. 
HMT strongly supports Mina and the Indiegogo Campaign for her upcoming release,
As Much Truth as One Can Bear! Donate and follow Mina at the links below.

You can donate to her campaign at:
Visit her website and pick up great cds at
Follow her on Twitter at
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Also visit Life of Agony's website at

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