Friday, December 19, 2014

Fast Finds - Get the Fa-la-la-la outta my way!

On your way to buy some last minute gifts? or some Nogg? Toss on a few of these albums to help break up the monotony of being stuck in traffic or or behind a bunch of folks trying to get the perfect parking spot. 

by Penalty Kill

Giving Boston some love here.This is a consistent blend of street punk and hardcore. Plenty of breakdowns and chant along moments to satisfy the old and new school crowds. Cheers and support to the local hockey jersey wearing ruffhouse set.

Rise To Infamy
by Cowards

Right off the barbed wire bat this Production is stellar. The beauty in the chaos is all around us on this one. Not for the faint of heart, the vocals are irate, the rhythms are as cold as concrete in winter and the hammering riffs will shake you out of your seat. Cowards are proud to take their cue from influences like Holy Terror and fearless in showcasing their own brand of hardcore/ sludge that pushes the boundaries of what we've heard before.

Mountains Crave
by Mountains Crave

Great atmospherics on the intro that really set up your mind for the brutality that comes into play on the second track. Blackened hearts will be filled with swelling pride by all the high screams and deep throated refrains that lie in wait below. The musicianship is really top notch. Everything seems to exist in the middle between transcendent and outright evil discord. The drums are sharp as hell and the bass/riffs are really beautifully placed in a spot where they give each song color rather than stealing its shine.

Low Ebb's Lament
by Lost Orb

Haven't covered or listened to a lot of straight up doom in awhile. This female fronted doom outfit has something really unique going for it. There are actually soulful dare I say it R&B inflected vocalizations on this. I can honestly say this has to be a first. The acoustic areas on the track make me long for the era when Opeth were more inspired by Zeppelin than ELP.
Overall after listening to one track by the band my interest is peaked. Let's hope there is more from where that came from.

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